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Preparing Blue Waters Cruising

"The keys to a successful journey are rigorous preparation and
adherence to some prevention rules. Medical or surgical emergencies
are rare, and can often be dealt with by remote medical contact.
New communication technologies such as satellite phones make it
possible to seek medical advice from professionals, or even for
sailers to treat themselves with very short prior training, provided
that the required equipment and medicines have been embarked
before leaving. Sophisticated rescue can also be organized.
(Rev Med Suisse 2017; volume 13. 934-937)
Everything you need to know to prepare your travel
This paper written by Médidistance and published in Multihulls Magazine summaries the important points to know before leaving harbour
Document Adobe Acrobat [902.5 KB]

Our solutions

Approved by many sailors since 12 years

Oceanic Medical Training (FMO)

Price : 395 euros 

Follow this marine medical training , a two days session to access  more autonomy and serenity.

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Marine First Aid Kit                      

Ready to embark on board


We propose 3 models : costal ,offshore and oceanic .

Price for Oceanic model from 950 euros 

A full comprehensive equipment including documents adapted to English-speaking people.

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Health insurance

Subscribe before leaving ; essential to avoid significant costs in case of health problem.

Insure well to cover all health care while traveling

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First Aid Kits


"When you are out on your boat, there is no well-stocked pharmacy close at hand and you are beyond the reach of quick-response medical assistance. 


Whether setting out for a day, week, or longer, you need a well-stocked first-aid kit on board. .....


But having basic supplies at the ready could save you a trip to the emergency room — or even a life." (BoatUS)

Your Essential First-Aid Kit

Boating First Aid: Cuts And Bites

Dealing with Seasickness in Children


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